A Revolutionary Concept in Health Fitness.

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Longevity Performance Center brings together advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and scientific algorithms to create a new approach to health, wellness, and fitness.
We’ll use your past and your present to guide you into a fit and healthy future.

An Environment for Success

Sleek interior design, living walls of fresh greenery, and air purified by patented technology; space to relax and connect with other members; a media center providing education literally at your fingertips. All combine to create a physical, mental and emotional environment for success – YOUR success.

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Intelligent Training

LONGEVITY uses smart equipment – circuit training stations powered by cloud-based software, programmed for your specific needs and goals, activated with a swipe of your RFID bracelet. Sync all your fitness devices into one easy app that lets you track your performance anytime, anywhere.

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High Tech, Healing Touch

Is there a “fat gene?” Well there is solid scientific evidence that genetics play a major role in how our bodies respond to food and exercise. At LONGEVITY we use two simple DNA profiles to determine the best nutritional and fitness programs for you.

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