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Is there such a thing as a “fat gene?” Do I really have a “sweet tooth?” Could my metabolism be affecting my progress
toward fitness? Why do my joints ache after a workout?

Those questions and so many more can be answered through the analysis of your DNA obtained from a simple cheek swab.
Did you know that 99.9% of your DNA code sequences are identical to those of every other person on earth?
Just 0.1% varies between people. That difference is what makes us unique. Armed with that knowledge, we can create
the optimum nutritional and exercise plan for your very unique body.

Your initial assessment session at
LONGEVITY includes the administration and analysis of two genetic profiles – fitness and nutrition – through
tests created by Orig3n.
Orig3n is a research and development company employing Nobel Prize-winning technology to advance regenerative

The DNA tests let you know if you are predisposed to certain traits. The results are available to you 24/7 through
Orig3n’s LifeProfile app, so you can make better choices for your health anytime, anywhere.

Recharge through Artificial Intelligence at LONGEVITY

If the sum total of your experience with artificial intelligence (AI) is asking Siri for the phone number of your neighborhood pizza parlor, don’t worry. It’s a fascinating world of study, but one which can be confusing and intimidating. Thankfully, there are companies like Insilico Medicine who understand the language, recognize the possibilities, and develop ways to use AI to find solutions for drug discovery, personal healthcare and anti-aging interventions.

Recharge by testing blood biomarkers at LONGEVITY

“Biomarker” is short for biological marker and is used as an indication that a biological process in the body has happened or is ongoing. These biomarkers are any of your body’s molecules that can be measured. These molecules can be obtained from your blood, body fluids or tissue. For example, body temperature is a biomarker for a fever. Blood pressure is a biomarker used to determine the risk of stroke.

Aging naturally produces a set of biological processes. These biomarkers have been recorded and can be used to analyze your blood to determine where you are, health-wise, in the natural progression of life. At LONGEVITY, we will use AI to analyze your blood biomarkers every six months. Our goal is to help you stay or even reverse those processes through your customized fitness plan.

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