This will blow your mind. It may just be the future of fitness.

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Longevity Performance Centers

A Personalized Approach to Nutrition and Fitness

Do you want to live longer, feel healthier and have more energy? We did and that is why we started Longevity Performance Centers.

The Most Advanced Fitness & Wellness Centers in Naples, Florida

Your best self starts right now

Longevity Performance Centers (LPC) brings together the latest science and technology to create a new approach to health, wellness, and fitness.  This isn’t a typical gym or workout regimen.  Our  collaborate team includes a physician, nutritionist, trainer and nurse.  They assess your current health and create a customized plan for your fitness and nutrition based on your body, blood and DNA!!  We have a state-of-the-art facility including eGYM strength training and laser therapy to help you achieve optimal results and meet your health goals.

Advanced Wellness Center In Naples

Wellness lives here

Our facility is dedicated to your health in every way making your health goals easily achievable. Members cannot stop raving about how easy their workouts are with eGym.  With just the swipe of your RFID bracelet each machine automatically adjusts to your body, strength and workout settings. Our circuits are designed for efficiency providing a balanced full body workout in just 30 minutes to blast fat and build strength. Best of all it is FUN!!! eGym equipment turns every exercise into a game motivating you on your way to better health.


Our nutritionist will work with you to create a customized plan based on your nutritional goals and what you like to eat. As part of your initial consultation the nutritionist will go over your blood work, DNA testing and body composition analysis. You will then work together to develop a realistic plan based on your health and fitness objectives. Moving forward the nutritionist will meet with you on a monthly basis to reperform your body composition analysis, check in on your progress and modify your health objectives.


Client Testimonial

Lori Strutz Stresen-Reuter

  • I'm the gal who was picked LAST to be on a team EVERY SINGLE TIME in gym class, losing all confidence athletically.
  • I'm the gal who developed HORRIBLE eating habits over the years, due to being able to eat anything without ever gaining an ounce in my younger years.
  • I'm the gal who's butt got kicked physically during menopause, losing strength and gaining weight at a rapid pace.
  • I'm the gal who would join a gym in January, and then to give up and quit in February after seeing no results.
  • I'm the gal who sold all her skinny clothes at a garage sale this July, after thinking that I would never fit in them again due to middle age.

But then I heard about Longevity Performance Centers in August, and thought I'd give it a try. The program sounded easy and something I that I may be able to handle. With a team consisting of a physician, nutritionist, nurse and physical trainers, LPC creates a customized plan to give you maximum results.

And here's the kicker... I actually like going. I'm no longer aimlessly trying to change my health with no direction. After a few weeks, I felt big changes in my strength and after a couple months, I began to SEE them. In four months, I've gone from a size twelve to a size six, lost seventeen pounds, and gained muscle. I have gone from a BIOLOGICAL age in the seventies to a current age of thirty-three. (I'm fifty-seven years old.) And I am ranked thirty-fifth at my gym for points received from working out.

Not bad for a kid with no athletic confidence.

I was telling the staff yesterday that I was so happy with my decision to join the gym, when the doctor expressed that he wished they would have taken "before" photos of the members to show progress. I then told him that I took some personal photos at home to document my progress, he asked me if I would mind sharing. So here I am.

If you're wanting to make a change in 2020, check them out. I'm so glad I did

We'll use your past and your present to guide you into your future.

We will help you to Live. Longer. Better.

We are a safe place with an immune-boosting environment.


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