A unique fitness center is planned for Naples. Scheduled to open toward the end of the summer of 2018, the Longevity Performance Center, at 1000 Immokalee Road, will employ genetic analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud-based exercise programs on smart equipment personalized to enhance its members’ vitality and peak performance, leading them to experience a healthier life.

“Longevity is at the top of some of this generation’s most brilliant minds,” claims Dr. William K. Kapp, III, LONGEVITY’S founder. “The technology already exists to improve health in dramatic and personal ways, so you can get the most enjoyment out of your life.”

The technology to which Kapp refers is a combination of DNA analysis, AI, and totally personalized and customizable exercise equipment with programs that can also be built around a particular sport or activity or even a health condition, such as diabetes. All three will be in action at LONGEVITY, as will Cold Laser Therapy, a non-invasive treatment for relief of muscle, tendon, and joint pain. Members wanting to improve their balance and coordination can do so while engaging in video game play on the Jintronix platform. The platform uses the Kinect Motion sensor, which can track 25 joints on the human body. Integrating the Microsoft Kinect capabilities with its own algorithms, Jintronix provides meaningful and immediate feedback.

“It sounds like science fiction, but it is all based on scientific fact,” says Kapp, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with 25 years of experience. Kapp is also the founder of Landmark Hospitals – a seven-member critical care hospital system headquartered in Naples. “A simple cheek swab will provide the DNA to build two profiles based on the member’s genetic markers. One is a nutrition profile through which the member can discover which foods may be beneficial, what they should potentially avoid, and what might make them feel better. The other is a fitness profile which answers questions about how their genes impact metabolism, muscle strength, and oxygen processing, among other functions.”

Artificial intelligence will play a part in the baseline assessment for members, as their blood biomarkers are compared to those well-established at predetermined age intervals. “Aging naturally produces a set of biological processes. These biomarkers have been recorded and can be used to analyze blood to determine where someone is, health-wise, in the natural progression of life,” explains Kapp. Members will be reassessed every six months.

The centerpiece at LONGEVITY, literally, is a set of cardio and strength-training exercise equipment that can be programmed for a personalized fitness routine. Settings are stored, results are tracked, and immediate feedback is given, all via an RFID bracelet. Members can interact with an onsite personal trainer or use an app to access a virtual training professional.

The connection between exercise and longevity has been well documented. Studies abound about the positive effect of exercise on cognitive abilities. Now there is research pointing to the effect that exercise has on diabetes. For example, The University of Leipzig observed 23 type 2 diabetes patients over the course of six months. During this time, the participants worked out two to three times a week using a specifically-designed training program (which will also be available at LONGEVITY). At the end of the study, researchers observed a significant reduction in the participants’ blood glucose levels, with nine of them experiencing such a dramatic reduction in glucose levels, that they were no longer classified as diabetic.

While the company works behind the scenes on its website, readers can go to www.longevityperformancecenter.com and sign up for progress alerts and discounted offers via the newsletter. Or visit the LONGEVITY Facebook page at www.facebook.com/longevityperformancecenter.