About Us

Longevity Performance Center:

Fitness that’s customized for you

A revolution is at hand. An innovative facility and approach to health and fitness that is unlike anything else. Combining high-tech services and resources with personalized training regimens that enable you to reach peak performance.


“We utilize advanced technology and your own DNA to plan and monitor customized nutritional and exercise programs. This unique approach enhances peak performance and results in a gratifying experience that leads to a healthier, happier life.”

Dr. Kapp
Longevity Performance Center

What makes us different?

Premier facility

Picture a sleek and sparkling space filled with gentle curves, vibrant living walls of greenery, and soothing colors. This Longevity Performance Center (LPC)—a place to restart your journey toward true wellness. We are focused on whole-body, holistic fitness, not simply training. We even employ Synexis® biodefense system in our facility that utilizes Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) technology. Learn more about our healthy building.

Positive Approach

Contrary to popular belief, exercise should be fun and rewarding. Not painful. And you are not in competition with anyone. The atmosphere here is engaging and positive—it is designed to help you focus on your individual progress and reach your peak performance. Health, comfort, and safety are always our priority. Your exercise routine is determined by your genetic analysis. Learn more about our unique approach to fitness.

Advanced Equipment

Forget the typical, laborious gym equipment. We use a unique circuit training program from eGym—a cloud-based strength training regimen performed on a new generation of circuit training machines. eGym is activated with a personalized RFID bracelet which will recall and monitor your progress at each strength station. The integrated cardio machines also capture your last workout and preset the cardio equipment for you. LPC even has a virtual trainer that will give you feedback via our phone app—and, of course, we'll coach you in person when you're at our facility. Learn more about eGym Equipment.

Relaxed Atmosphere

We believe fitness should be fun. Something you look forward to—at a place that is inspiring. At LPC, you will receive personal attention the moment you walk into our facility. Because we have chosen to put your health, comfort, and safety foremost, LONGEVITY will offer private counseling and treatment rooms for discussions and procedures related to your fitness plan, such as non-invasive cold laser therapy for muscle, tendon, and joint pain. Refresh yourself at our living wall, behind which you'll find spotless showers, secure lockers, and a comfortable changing area.

Engaging community

In addition to providing a one-of-a-kind facility and regimen that facilitates peak health and wellness, LPC is accessible and engaging. We have a true community spirit that is supportive and uplifting. This is not a stuffy gym in which no one speaks or reaches out. We are sociable people. And while fitness is a very individual pursuit, the feeling we engender here is inclusion. To encourage that, we have a lounge area that provides a comfortable space to relax and connect with other members who, like you, are seeking to reach their peak personal performance.


We will help you to Live. Longer. Better.