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Our facility is about achieving optimal fitness. We are unique. No other facility around can offer everything we do under one roof. We're not a typical gym. It's not about grunting, groaning, and sweating, per se. We aim much higher. We want to make sure you exercise with your health, comfort, and safety in mind. Everything about our facility—from the equipment, to our innovative treatments, to the actual air we breathe—is designed to promote holistic wellness for each individual based on their genomic traits and past history.

And the time for you is now! The day to restart, to re-energize, and to reclaim your health and fitness is today. If you’re ready to kick-start your wellness journey, then you’ve come to the right place. No other gym gives you the innovative services, resources, and support that we offer to enable you to reach your peak fitness. We are the opposite of “same old.” We are sleek. Innovative. Leading edge. And accommodating. LPC represents a whole new approach to achieving your optimum peak performance. And it can all start right now.

Give Your Muscles a Peak Performance With eGym

Our smart machines use cloud-based software to efficiently and securely track your workouts. They retrieve your previous workout data, automatically program the chosen machine based on your pre-loaded fitness plan, and then give you instant feedback. There is no guesswork about weights and reps.

Every personalized workout is gamified to keep you motivated, at the gym and on the right track to healthy longevity. Most importantly it optimizes health without the risk of injury.

Peak Performance With EGym


We are pleased to offer Jintronix!! This breakthrough system utilizes virtual games such as slalom skiing and rock climbing in order restore and retrain the balance center in your brain. This strengthens core muscles and sharpens your neurovestibular system. As you play, Jintronix records your biomechanics and tracks your progress every step of the way!!

Body Comp

All clients will complete an InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis. By simply stepping on to the device and holding the coordinating handles, the InBody analysis is able to measure intracellular and extracellular body water, body fat percentage as well as muscle mass. The InBody even goes as far as breaking down the muscle and fat distribution to each segment of the body. This detailed information is used by the nutritionist and/or physician to determine a nutrition plan that is suitable for the client based off their health and wellness objectives. Clients are encouraged to perform and InBody analysis monthly to review the changes in their body analysis while they are exercising and following a customized meal plan.

Body Comp

Laser Therapy

Get up to 6 cold laser therapy treatments per month as part of your premium membership at Longevity. Whether it is for pain, inflammation or just faster recovery we have you covered. It's a non-invasive treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to increase the blood supply to the treatment area, bringing oxygen to the cells. It stimulates the lymphatic system, pulling swelling and inflammation from the muscles, tendons and joints, reducing pain and promoting healing.

Cold Laser Therapy Treatments

Magna Wave - PEMF

We have introduced the new, medical-grade MagnaWave, an investment we've made for your health and well-being.

MagnaWave consists of pulsating electromagnetic waves being sent throughout your body to stimulate cellular repair.

Some of the core benefits are:

Reduce inflammation
Pain relief from torn tendons, ligaments, bones, muscle injury
Pain relief from arthritis and other degenerative conditions
Utilize nutrition and supplements better
Increase range of motion
FDA-approved in 2006 to treat depression and anxiety
Boost the immune system

How it works:

The 20- to 30-minute treatment involves relaxing comfortably on our medical-grade MagnaWave lounger, with soothing music playing on the headphones we provide. The treatment is painless while your blood oxygen increases, lymphatic system is activated, and acupuncture points are stimulated. You may feel energized or very relaxed during the first hours after your treatment. We recommend a minimum of three treatments per month, but more frequent treatments will deliver maximum effects depending on your response.


Synexis® whole-building biodefense system

Think of Synexis® as an immune system for buildings. You are quite literally breathing the cleanest air possible at our facility. LPC employs the Synexis® whole-building biodefense system utilizing its patented Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) technology which naturally reduces bacteria, viruses, and mold in the air and on surfaces. (If you like to read up on the technical side of things, please visit their website at

New integrated software for cardio and diabetes

eGym has introduced two new software programs targeting cardio integration and diabetes control. The new Smart Start program includes regular endurance tests and automatically calculated workouts. The Metabolic Fit program offers automated strength endurance training to stabilize blood sugar levels. See how they work in this short video.

How to get started

Come see us. We are here to help you. Our staff is friendly, our building accessible. You’ll be amazed at the connection you feel from the very beginning. Don’t wait. Now’s the time to reclaim your fitness with a genetically-designed diet and exercise regimen.

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