Services to help you recharge, rebuild, and renew!

It all starts with your DNA

Your metabolism. Your build. Your strengths. Your challenges. Each of these are, to a large degree, determined by your genetic makeup: the key to your health and wellness. That’s why the road to fitness at LPC starts with a DNA analysis obtained with a simple cheek swab. Your DNA is what makes you unique. Armed with that knowledge, we can create the optimum nutritional and exercise plan specifically for you.

Getting Started

Your initial assessment session at Longevity Performance Center includes the administration and analysis of two genetic profiles – fitness and nutrition – through tests created by Orig3n: a research and development company employing Nobel Prize-winning technology to advance regenerative medicine.

The DNA tests let you know if you are predisposed to certain traits. The results are available to you 24/7 through Orig3n’s LifeProfile app, so you can make better choices for your health anytime, anywhere.


Recharge through Artificial Intelligence

AI is about more than Siri finding the phone number of your local pizza parlor. It can uncover paths to wellness like never before. Thankfully, there are companies like Insilico Medicine who understand the language, recognize the possibilities, and develop ways to use AI to find solutions for drug discovery, personal healthcare, anti-aging interventions, and more.

Test blood biomarkers to stay healthy

“Biomarker” is short for biological marker and is used as an indication that a biological process in the body has happened or is ongoing. These molecules can be obtained from your blood, body fluids, or tissue. For example, body temperature is a biomarker for a fever. Blood pressure is a biomarker used to determine the risk of stroke. At LPC, we will use AI to analyze your blood biomarkers every six months. Our goal is to help you optimize and reverse unhealthy processes through your customized wellness plan.

Treatments That Recharge And Re-energize

Pause by our green plant wall and drink in the oxygenated atmosphere. Rest your gaze on the artful designs of the spa-like setting. In a word, refresh yourself. We offer a number of treatments in private rooms, such as our cold laser therapy treatment. It’s non-invasive treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to increase the blood supply to the treatment area, bringing oxygen to the cells. It stimulates the lymphatic system, pulling swelling and inflammation from the muscles, tendons and joints, reducing pain and promoting healing. We also have provided sparkling clean showers, secure lockers, and comfortable changing rooms.


A community centered on health

After your workout, recover in the companionship of likeminded people. One of the Power 9® traits we mentioned when talking about the Blue Zones Project findings was “Right Tribe.” The research showed that the world’s longest-lived people chose social circles that supported healthy behaviors. We’d like to think that your fellow workout partners at LPC are your personal “fitness tribe” pursuing peak performance.


We will help you to Live. Longer. Better.