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Testimonial by Dave ElliottLongevity Performance Centers, combined with Longevity Bio-Imaging, has changed my whole outlook on living healthy. Using the results of the Full-body MRI and DNA results, I now have a plan to remain FIT AND HEALTHY FOR LIFE. Workouts are a pleasure, and I am seeing nothing short of incredible results, with a loss of body fat and gain of muscle mass that is measurable. I have learned that you can be healthy and fit and really enjoy it. Muscle really equals longevity and I am living proof. LPC is now an integral part of my daily fitness regimen.

Dave Elliott

Host, The Dave Elliott Show WGUF-FM, Naples' FM Talk

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My wife and I discovered Longevity approximately two months ago, simply, walking by and seeing the sign out front, which displayed a brief description of what they offered. We entered and were greeted by Sharon Bruno, who gave us a tour of the facility. At the same time we met Dr. Kapp, who was working out on the equipment. He paused and took the time to greet us. During our conversation, I explained to Dr. Kapp, that I had been in an accident with my motorcycle 16 years ago, when my left arm was severed from my shoulder. They brought in a specialist surgeon who was able to re-attach it by inserting a titanium rod and 5 screws. I told him I was in a lot of pain so Dr. Kapp referred me to a local specialist who examined me by taking several X-rays. He explained that, severe arthritis had set in and surgery was not an option. He gave me a cortisone shot, which he admitted was only a temporary fix, explaining that I probably will require more, and sent me on my way. I could only raise my arm up around even with my shoulder. I went back to Longevity to try to work it out and Sharon explained to me how the "Laser Therapy", had helped her with an elbow injury, so I decided to give it a try. I received 2 treatments a week for 6 weeks and today, I can raise my arm above my head. The pain has greatly subsided, and, for the first time in 2 years, I was able to do the front crawl, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.
I am so grateful that I met Sharon and Dr Kapp and I'm a committed member to the workout program offered by Longevity. I hope that someone else may benefit from my experience, and if I can only help a few people succeed in realizing some pain relief, I will be extremely grateful.

Bob Doher

I have worked at and worked out at several fitness clubs over the years and I can say that 100% Longevity is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced - this truly is overall Health and Fitness rolled into one. In my opinion Longevity is a game changer in health and fitness and Naples gets to experience it first!! I am grateful !!! Amazing team of health and fitness professionals across the board helping me understand my personal next best steps to achieve overall health as I head into the empty nester phase of my life. Thanks LPC

Cori Higgins

I am 51 years old, male, and have worked out off and on my entire life. I’ve never been able to get into a good, consistent workout routine for various reasons. Since joining Longevity, I have made my three workouts every week for the past three months!

The reason I have made every workout is due to the Longevity workout concept. Every machine is personally calibrated to me and my current strength level. There is no guessing what weight to use, which machines to use, adjusting seat heights, etc, so it cuts the workout time literally in half. Instead of spending 60-90 minutes in the gym for each workout, I am there 30-40 minutes and get a much better workout. My heart rate stays up the entire 30-40 minutes because I am moving from one machine to the next with no wasted time. I am also getting a full body workout each time so I only have to work out three days per week.

The other incredible aspects of Longevity are the personal nutritionist, the monthly In-Body measuring scale, and the Longevity app to keep track of everything. I met with Natasha the nutritionist and she reviewed the foods I was eating, we looked at labels for carbs, protein, sugar, etc and were able to come up with easy goals of where I should be daily in each area. This change alone has helped me tremendously, and Natasha is always available via in person or email when I have a question on any food choice.

The In-Body measuring scale I do once per month to measure body fat, muscle mass, and it specifically lets me know all measurements over my entire body so I know where to focus. By doing this monthly, it is a HUGE motivational factor to eat right and make my three workouts per week so I can keep improving each month when measured.

The Longevity app is really fun to use to keep track of my workouts, strength levels, ranking, biological age analysis, muscle imbalance, etc. There is a good deal of info that helps me actually see how I am doing for each body part and is highly motivational as well.

I was in pretty good shape before joining Longevity, but I have lost over 2% body fat, 5 pounds, and gained 1.5% muscle mass. I feel better than I have in many years, and I actually look forward to my workouts instead of dreading them. I can’t recommend a better overall fitness and health experience than Longevity.


Randy Smith

As a personal development coach also trained in nutrition and functional medicine, I find my experience at Longevity Performance Centers has exceeded my expectations. It is comprehensive, motivating and fun. I thoroughly appreciate the integrated customized approach that combines my data from the InBody, blood test biomarkers, DNA with my strength training and nutritional needs. The best part for me is the e-gym which gamifies each workout and allows me to feel as if I have my own virtual personal trainer. Plus it only takes 30 minutes. I keep recommending LPC to all my clients. I love the calm, clean environment, the great staff, and the impressive results!

Peggy Sealfon

Author, Speaker, Personal Development Coach

Recently I was looking for something to help me get my body back after having three children. (It is hard to imagine finding the time to work out when you have three little ones running around, but I feel self care is important and I also want to set a good example for my boys.) When I walked into Longevity I felt like I was home. It is not simply a gym, it is a lifestyle. Exactly what I was looking for. The exercise circuits are set up for each individual with the help of a personal trainer to allow for a fast efficient workout. This is important to me as I do not have unlimited time to work out. I also love that i now have a nutritionist that developed a meal plan just for me! She also keeps an eye on what I am consuming and gives advice whenever I seek it. Finally, the fact that I now have a physician available to me who has also taken the time to work with me on my health is invaluable. He has spent time going over my labs and DNA results to truly understand my body and how to help me achieve my goals. I feel that I have all the tools I need in one spot to maintain my health so that I can be there for my boys as long as I can. I have already seen vast improvement in my body and am almost to my goals.

Jackie Provost

I have tolerated gyms before, but I have never liked one...until now! The hight technology moves the workout efficiently, painlessly, and enjoyably. I actually look forward to the 3X per week sessions.

Joseph S

I have been a member of Longevity since the grand opening this year. I can tell you this is not your typical cookie cutter gym! The facilities are clean and new and the vibe is relaxed and inviting. There is a professional nutritionist on staff that helps you plan a diet that is optimal to meet your goals. My favorite part of being a member here is how quick I can get in and out with a workout that crosses all the T and dots all the i! When you sit down at the e-gym equipment it automatically sets to your personal adjustments and settings, then it walks you through the workout. You move to the next machine until you complete the whole circuit of machines. Its quick at about 30 minutes and it works all your major muscle groups. I do two circuits and about 10 minutes on the cardio machines so I’m there about an hour and a quarter every other day. I drive from Marco Island cause there is no other place like this anywhere! There are no free weights area for body builders and there is no juice bar with people judging you as you walk by!! I know it sounds funny but I have been a member of many different health clubs and gyms in my life and that is the basic model. Not here. You come in, the staff is cool and available to help if needed, and they take care of business. There is an app that charts your progress, too.

Andrew B

I'm the gal who was picked LAST to be on a team EVERY SINGLE TIME in gym class, losing all confidence athletically.
I'm the gal who developed HORRIBLE eating habits over the years, due to being able to eat anything without ever gaining an ounce in my younger years.
I'm the gal who's butt got kicked physically during menopause, losing strength and gaining weight at a rapid pace.
I'm the gal who would join a gym in January, and then to give up and quit in February after seeing no results.
I'm the gal who sold all her skinny clothes at a garage sale this July, after thinking that I would never fit in them again due to middle age.
But then I heard about Longevity Performance Centers in August, and thought I'd give it a try. The program sounded easy and something I that I may be able to handle. With a team consisting of a physician, nutritionist, nurse and physical trainers, LPC creates a customized plan to give you maximum results.

And here's the kicker... I actually like going. I'm no longer aimlessly trying to change my health with no direction. After a few weeks, I felt big changes in my strength and after a couple months, I began to SEE them. In four months, I've gone from a size twelve to a size six, lost seventeen pounds, and gained muscle. I have gone from a BIOLOGICAL age in the seventies to a current age of thirty-three. (I'm fifty-seven years old.) And I am ranked thirty-fifth at my gym for points received from working out.

Not bad for a kid with no athletic confidence.

I was telling the staff yesterday that I was so happy with my decision to join the gym, when the doctor expressed that he wished they would have taken "before" photos of the members to show progress. I then told him that I took some personal photos at home to document my progress, he asked me if I would mind sharing. So here I am.

If you're wanting to make a change in 2020, check them out. I'm so glad I did

Lori Strutz Stresen-Reuter


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